Braveheart – September 2016

Braveheart PicklePickles is a fun loving and exuberant 11 month old collie cross. Pickles has always suffered from a weakness in her hind-limbs giving her a very odd gait when she walked.

Upon physical examination vet Philip Davies felt that Pickles could be suffering from hip dysplasia (an inherited condition resulting from an improperly formed hip joint).

Pickles was placed under general anaesthetic and X-rays were taken of her pelvis, this showed a subluxation of both hip joints. This would only get worse with time and could cause Pickles to become painful and arthritic later on in life.

The decision was made to perform a femoral head arthroplasty in her left hind leg (a procedure whereby the head of  the femur is removed) as this was worse. This would help the end of the thigh bone (femur) form a false joint with the pelvis which would be pain free.

Whilst under general anaesthetic Pickles was spayed laparoscopically as it would be difficult for her to have puppies and she could pass her hip dysplasia on to any puppies.

Both procedures went well and Pickles recovered quickly. She was sent home on strict rest for two weeks. Once past the two weeks Pickles went to “The Retreat”, a hydrotherapy centre in Meldon where she went from strength to strength in the pool.

Pickles was last seen at the beginning of November, she was comfortable and using her leg well, her owners have supported her fantastically during this time and continue to do everything they can to aid Pickles so that she can lead a normal, comfortable life.