Braveheart – October 2016

Bo, Braveheart Oct 2016Bo is a very special 12 year old Labrador with a larger than life personality who is well known at the practice for his allergic skin disease. In August Bo was brought to the practice with a “honking” cough, when his trachea was palpated this induced the cough so he was treated for Kennel Cough (infectious tracheitis).

This improved and he was no longer coughing after four days, however when re- examined his heart rate was found to be very irregular. Vet Kirstin recommended Bo have a heart scan and ECG to check this. An ECG revealed that Bo had VPCs (Ventricular premature complexes), this is where abnormal electrical activity in the heart causes the ventricles contract on their own. Ultrasound revealed no enlargement of the heart and vet Alex Just suspected a bacterial infection secondary to the kennel cough. Bo was referred to “Heart Vets” for a second opinion to ultrasound his heart.

Heart Vets performed a thorough ultrasound on Bo and although they could not make a definitive diagnosis it was thought that Bo’s myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) could be due to an infection which is very rare.

In November Bo was fitted with a holter monitor to record the activity of his heart over 24 hours. Following this Bo was placed on Sotalol (a beta blocker) to try and control his irregularly irregular rhythm, without this his heart is at risk of suddenly stopping.

Currently Bo is enjoying life, if at a slower pace.