Braveheart – November 2016

Braveheart BusterBuster is a three year old loving Springer Spaniel, who in November developed a swelling over his eye which had burst out. He is an adventurous dog who enjoys rummaging through brambles, it was thought that a bramble was the culprit.

However after a week of treatment his eye was worse and had conjunctivitis in both eyes.

Soon he developed swellings around his neck which were full of pus, his eyes were inflamed and weeping and he had crusting scabs over his ears. Buster was still his happy self and did not have a temperature.

Samples revealed that Buster had an auto-immune disease called ‘pemphigus’, he was started on steroids and azathioprine (both are immuno-suppressant drugs) and within a couple of weeks his skin was much better. Now vet Kirstin Phippard is checking Buster regularly to manage his symptoms and taper his drugs to reduce side effects.