Braveheart – December 2016

Zebedee is a remarkable 11 year old Boxer dog. He has always been seen on a regular basis at the practice for various ailments and hence he is well known and well loved. During a routine vaccination it was observed that he had developed a pot bellied appearance with some patchy alopecia, this can sometimes be indicative of a hormonal disease.

Blood samples revealed that Zebedee was hypothyroid (a condition where there thyroid does not produce enough hormone).

Zebedee then proceeded to be a real ‘regular’ at the practice, seeing a vet frequently over the next few months with various infections.

At his worst he suffered from deep skin infections and resistant bacterial urinary tract infections. His skin would ooze and swell and he was having frequent urinary accidents in the house.

His coat remained patchy despite thyroid supplementation which lead vets to test him for another hormonal disease, Cushings.

Hyperadrenocorticoism (cushings) involves an over production of ‘cortisol’ or steroid within the body by the adrenal gland (situated near the kidneys). Too much causes an excessive thirst and urination, hair loss over the flanks, loss of muscle tone, a pot belly and susceptibility to infections. This disease is easily treated once diagnosed.

Zebedee is now several months into treatment and feeling like a new dog! He has been free from infection for sometime, if off his thyroid medication and only occasionally has accidents in the house. Well done Zebedee.