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Free weight checks for your pets

At Okeford Veterinary Centre, our goal is to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. This is why we’re offering your pet a FREE weight check between 9thJanuary to 31st March. The dangers of obesity The two main causes of obesity … Continued

Braveheart – December 2016

Zebedee is a remarkable 11 year old Boxer dog. He has always been seen on a regular basis at the practice for various ailments and hence he is well known and well loved. During a routine vaccination it was observed … Continued

Braveheart – November 2016

Buster is a three year old loving Springer Spaniel, who in November developed a swelling over his eye which had burst out. He is an adventurous dog who enjoys rummaging through brambles, it was thought that a bramble was the … Continued

Braveheart – October 2016

Bo is a very special 12 year old Labrador with a larger than life personality who is well known at the practice for his allergic skin disease. In August Bo was brought to the practice with a “honking” cough, when … Continued

How to prepare for the firework season

It is estimated that approximately 45% of dogs become stressed and fearful while fireworks are going off, yet many owners are unaware of how to help their dogs with firework fears and the precautions that can be taken to help … Continued

Braveheart – September 2016

Pickles is a fun loving and exuberant 11 month old collie cross. Pickles has always suffered from a weakness in her hind-limbs giving her a very odd gait when she walked. Upon physical examination vet Philip Davies felt that Pickles … Continued

Dental awareness

We have some exciting news, from September through until the end of November 2016 we are offering a FREE dental check-up for your much loved pets. If you’re a member of the Healthy Pet Club, one of your pet’s great benefits … Continued

Braveheart – August 2016

Zimba is a very affectionate four year old cat with an eye for adventure. During one of these adventures Zimba disappeared for a number of weeks. He was found by a member of public with one of his front legs through … Continued

Braveheart – July 2016

Loki Byrt Loki is a 10 month old Spaniel who was brought to us whilst being looked after, as his owner was away. He came in with a high temperature, swollen lymph nodes, swollen painful joints and was lethargic. Blood … Continued

Braveheart – June 2016

Holly Derges Holly is a playful five year old Collie who has had an unlucky year in terms of her health. Back in November she had nine cluster seizures overnight and was brought to us feeling shy, very confused and … Continued